18 September 2011

Lancaster Flowers

And of course the flowers of Lancaster County. Taken 8/10/2011 and 8/11/2011.


The B&B we stayed in was on the grounds of an old amusement park from the 50's. It was interesting to walk the grounds and think of all the people that would have been there years ago. Taken 8/11/2011.

Lancaster County, PA 2

There was also a really cool museum designed to show the colonial era german life of the area. It was really interesting to compare it to the more english designs up in New England. Taken 8/10/2011.

Lancaster County, PA

This summer we visited Lancaster County, PA. Here are some farm pictures. Taken 8/10/2011.

Uncle Tony's Garden 3

Flowers from the garden. Taken 8/7/11.

Uncle Tony's Garden 2

More vegetables from the garden. Taken 8/7/11.

Uncle Tony's Garden

This summer my Uncle Tony's garden was overflowing with 10 foot tall tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, squash, peppers, figs and flowers. Like a good Italian, he is especially proud of his tomatoes and figs. Taken 8/7/11.

01 September 2011

Summer Projects 1

We each had our fun working on many different projects this summer. Here are some. Taken 7/11/2011 and 8/4/2011.

Fresh Pasta!

For my birthday my wife got me a pasta maker. Here's us working on our first batch... and of course, eating it! Taken 7/10/2011.

20 July 2011

Fourth of July

Here are some pictures taken on the Fourth of July at my parent's house. Taken 7/4/2011.