21 July 2010

The Vanderbilt, Pt 5

Taken 7/6/2010.

The Vanderbilt, Pt 4

The Backside of the House! Taken 7/6/2010.

the Vanderbilt, Pt 3

After going through the massive gate, the house surrounded an interior courtyard. On the other side of a short walkway was a hedge garden with a giant sundial. Taken 7/6/2010.

The Vanderbilt, Pt 2

Here are some picture of the driveway. It is made out of cobble stones removed from downtown New York. Taken 7/6/2010 (the pictures not the stones).

The Vanderbilt, Pt 1

We went to the Mansion of William K Vanderbilt Jr. It was really cool. Alas, no pictures permitted inside. Taken 7/6/2010.

04 July 2010

Maine Beach

Taken 6/30/2010.

Maine Woods

Taken 6/30/2010 through 7/2/2010.


Taken 7/1/2010.

Maine Flowers

I just got back from a family vacation in Maine. These pictures were taken between 6/30/2010 and 7/3/2010.