11 August 2008


Today I got promoted. Taken 8/11/2008.

Finally some GOOFY ones!

Taken 8/10/2008.

More Jacob

Taken 8/10/2008.

10 August 2008


Some random pictures and a lizard. Taken 8/10/2008.

Jacob Playing

Here are some pictures I took of Jacob playing in an attempt to take only non-goofy/"sweet" pictures of him. Taken 8/8/2008 and 8/10/2008.

We Built this Deck

The deck Justin and I built. Taken 8/10/2008.

Jacob and Justin on the Stairs

Justin helping Jacob learn the steps. Taken 8/10/2008.

06 August 2008

Misc Starring Jacob

Here are some random pictures of Jacob. Taken 7/20/2008 and 8/1/2008.