28 January 2007


Here is the train that runs through Quantico. 1/27/2007

22 January 2007

Pictures of the Photographer II

Pictures of the Photographer I

Finally I get to be vain. Here are some pictures of me, the photography. Obviously they weren't taken by me. They range from 4 months to 8 years old.

20 January 2007

Smallest Photo

Here is a link to a website I just found with some cool pictures.

  • Smallest Photo

  • Last in my range series

    The range was tiring and we weren't supposed to sleep. On wednesday night we did night fire, which was awesome. We then bivouaced on the range. It was eighteen degrees when we "woke up". I put woke up in quotes because most of us were so cold that we never went to sleep. Then on thursday we did "table 3" shooting, which is simulated combat shooting. It was very fun, but we were all tired.

    Range Week Photo Rep Stuff

    We just finished our two weeks at the range. Here is the 2ndt installment of a series that shows what we did at the range. These pictures were taken by other lieutenants and edited by me. They were all taken between 1/7/2007 and 1/18/2006.

    The first thing we would do was hike out to the range. We would then sit in the outdoor classroom and get classes before going to "the pits" to pull targets for the marines who were shooting. Then we would shoot rifle. Then hike over to the pistol range and shoot pistol before "snaping in" (practicing the different firing positions) before heading home.

    Range Week Series 1

    This is the first of a series about what we did during range week. These pictures are of us screwing around while snapping in--1stLt McGuigan doing his best DI impression. Lt Matthews on the ready line at the rifle range. And Captain Curtis, my SPC and Captain Flurry, our XO, supervising pistol issue at the pistol range.

    13 January 2007

    More of my Roommates Photos

    Roommate's Photos

    Here are some pictures that my roommate took and I edited. As such I obviously cannot claim full credit for them, but I like them, so they are going up.

    More Photo Rep Stuff

    Photo Rep

    I am the Photo Rep for my platoon, which means that I am in charge of collecting all pictures that people take of training events. Here are some older pictures that other people took (but I edited).

    12 January 2007


    Today I qualified Double Sharpshooter on Pistol and Rifle. Oorah! Here are my weapons. Is the wide aspect ratio or the standard version of the M16 picture better? Taken 1/9/2007 and 1/12/2007.

    06 January 2007

    New York

    Taken 12/30/2006.

    Skating on New Years Eve

    On New Year's Eve we went ice skating in central park. Taken 12/31/2006.

    01 January 2007

    Driving to NYC for New Years

    My roommate and I drove to NYC for New Years, this is the New Jersey Turnpike... I fear I did not make it look evil enough. Taken 12/30/2006.