24 March 2007


Last week we had FEX II, here are some more pictures taken by my buddy in my fighting hole.

17 March 2007

Fex II Defense

This week we had our second big field exercise, including 1 day in the defense. One of these pictures is of me in my fighting hole...I have a branch in front of my face. Taken 3/12/2007.


Here are some pictures of what happens inside a 7-Ton. Sleep and joking around mostly. I'm not sure when these were taken.


A few weeks ago we did Range 5, a live fire squad assault. It was loads of fun with loads of mud. I finally go the pictures from it, including some with me in them. I have a SAW and I am second from the far left. I can't remember the date that we did this, because our schedule got all messed up.

06 March 2007

Gas Chamber 1

Today we went to the gas chamber, a confidence building exercise, in which you go into a chamber full of CS gas (super concentrated pepper spray) take off your mask and put it back on in order to show you that it works. Whether you do it right or not, you get the stuff all over your face and it STINGS. A good time was had by all, especially those that breathed deep and blew snots. Taken 3/6/2007.

Gas Chamber 2

04 March 2007

There's Another Virginia

My roommate and I took a drive the other day just about an hour west. The scenery in VA changes very quickly. Here is what it looks like. Taken 3/3/2007.

03 March 2007

02 March 2007

Portraits and Hump

And some pictures of our 9-mile hump today. BGEN Laster, CG of Training Command joined us for that. Taken 2/28/2007 and 3/2/2007.

Big Boom Make Man Happy

Artillery is now my second choice for MOS after Intel. Big Boom make me happy. Taken 2/27/2007.


We get around in 7-Tons a lot. Its a good mode of transport. Much better than being foot-mobile. Taken 2/28/2007.

King of Battle II

Here are more shots of arty, including the rounds impacting. Taken 2/28/2007.