31 May 2007

30 May 2007

Mess Night

Last night we had our Mess Night. We made fun of eachother for our mistakes during the last six months and remembered those who have come before us. Taken 5/29/2007.

Mountains 2


This Memorial Day weekend I went out to Boulder, CO to run in a 10k there. I also got the chance to go up into the mountains and I, of course, took some pictures. Taken 5/27/2007.

24 May 2007

3rd Sqd

This is my squad, 3rd Sqd, 3rd Plt. Oorah for being almost done. Taken 5/24/2007.

19 May 2007

Barbeque pt 2

Taken 5/19/2007

Barbeque Pt 1

I went to a barbeque with a bunch of guys from my platoon today. Our platoon commander relived his skateboarding days. taken 5/19/2007.

10 May 2007


I went up to NYC with some buddies last saturday. Here are some pictures from the financial district. Taken 5/5/2007.

01 May 2007

Lunga Park

There is a park on base with canoes and a lake and quiet outdoors. Here are some pictures that I took there. Taken 5/1/2007.