29 April 2007


My fireteam at MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain). Taken 4/27/2007.

22 April 2007


So I walks into my room and there are these two guys ground fighting, so I gets out my camera and snaps a couple of pictures. Taken 4/20/2007.

The Capitol

From the Library of Congress we walked over to the Capitol. Taken 4/21/2007.

The Library of Congress, Part Deux

Taken 4/21/2007

The Library of Congress

Yesterday I took a trip up to the capitol area in DC. Here are some shots of the Library of Congress. Taken 4/21/2007.

15 April 2007



I'm sorry that I haven't been posting lately but, even though TBS is six months long, most of the learning is crammed into two months, so I have been very busy. On friday we got our MOSs, it was very exciting so we went to the Hawk (the bar in the barracks) in order to celebrate. Taken 4/13/2007.