24 July 2007

A little narcissism never hurt anyone

My sister got married, and it was not my job to photographically document the event (we paid someone to do that), I just enjoyed it. But for those of you out there who want to see some pictures of her wedding, here are some of me there. Taken 7/8/2007.


On my way back from Fisherman's Wharf, I saw a "paving truck" on the side of the road, that was so old and rusty that I had to take pictures of it. Taken 7/22/2007.

Fisherman's Wharf, pt. 2

Taken 7/22/2007.

Fisherman's Wharf, pt. 1

The other day I went on a mission to photograph this abandoned restaraunt on the other side of town. I think I got some good shots of it. Taken 7/22/2007.

09 July 2007


There is finally no one living in the house next door. I think that the owners are making a last ditch effort to sell it. I can't imagine who would buy it though. Taken 7/8/2007.

Around my parents' house

I went home this weekend for my sister's wedding. We had a professional photographer and I wanted to just have fun with people, so I didn't take pictures of the wedding but I did take some pictures around the house. Taken 7/8/2007.

Miscellaneous Shot from my room

Taken 7/2/2007.

Another of my Bike

In response to a question by a reader, I have no intention of racing for the military, I simply don't have time. But I certainly do prefer biking to running all the time, especially in the North Carolina heat and humidity. The parts on the bike are Ultegra, not 105. And here they are....
Taken 7/2/2007.

01 July 2007

This is a picture for my mom. The fact that I can get this stuff in the commissary means that others eat it too. Incidently, I think that this is one of the better pictures that I have taken in a little while. Taken 7/1/2007.

My Apartment, pt. 1

This is the living room and kitchen of my BOQ room, a significant improvement on the old. I will post pictures of the bedroom and bath once I get them a little clearner. There is also a picture of my awesome bike. Taken 7/1/2007.

Ted's Graduation

Here is a picture from my Cousin's Highschool graduation. Taken 6/20/2007.