14 October 2006

Confederate Cannon

At this battlefield, the main visitor's areas are on the confederate side. Most of the union trenches are just along the roadside. Here are some of the confederate cannon. Taken 10/9/06

More Spottsylvania Courthouse

Taken 10/9/06.

Spottsylvania Courthouse

Earlier this week I went to the Spottsylvania Courthouse Battlefield. (Thats the Civil War for the historically illiterate.) Taken 10/9/2006.

04 October 2006

Rainy Day

The other day it was raining and I was bored, so I sat at my desk and took some pictures. Yes, I didn't even have to move to take these pictures. That is why they are so good. Taken, 10/2/06.

The Lieutenantmobile

Here, as long awaited, is my car--with a Jeremiah Friedman reference, and a reference to my own work. Taken 10/1/06.


Here is my first attempt at photographing people, something which I obviously need work on. These were taken at the Hyattsville, Md OSO's office candidate picnic. We ran a PFT, played some games, and ate some food. I think part of my problem with photographing people is that I need a longer lens (blame the equipment--always a good move). Taken 9/30/06.