12 September 2009

Northport, LI

Here are some flowers and other things I took pictures of while taking a pleasant evening walk in Northport. Taken 9/1/2009.

10 September 2009

Northport Harbor

Here are some pictures of Northport Harbor, Long Island: Two treatments of the same subject. Taken 9/1/2009.

09 September 2009

Bridgeport to Port Jefferson

I took the Bridgeport-Port Jefferson Ferry and took some pictures along the way. Taken 9/1/2009.

A Visit to Georgetown

I stopped by in Georgetown and took a picture of Virginia. Taken 8/24/2009.

03 September 2009

A Few Random Pictures

Here are some random pictures I took. The first is some wooden spoons I made while I was in Afghanistan. The second is an indian meal I made for myself. Taken 9/1/2009 and 9/3/2009.