22 February 2010

Oh, Niagara

We hit up Niagara Falls on the way back. Taken 2/20/2010.

Oh, Canada

We just got back from a trip to Canada where we got to see snow and ice and play a little in it. Taken 2/17/2010 - 2/19/2010.

Icicle Farm

Taken 2/14/2010.

14 February 2010

Misc In Snow

Taken 2/10/2010.

Bushes in the Snow

Taken 2/10/2010.

Trees in the Snow

Awesome snowstorm... great chance for experiments with flash. Taken 2/10/2010.

03 February 2010


My first snow storm in 3 years... I'm so glad to be back in the northeast! Taken 12/31/2009.


And a collection of the cool doors I saw there. Taken 12/28/2009.


Here are some pictures I took on a recent trip to Lambertville, NJ and New Hope, PA. Taken 12/28/2009.