17 December 2007

HIatus (again)

I'm headed over to Iraq really soon, so I will only be posting occasionally. Sorry about the frequent hiatuseses these days, but such is military life. See you in a few months.

16 December 2007

Hey Look Mom!

No, its not actually real. Its just my first photoshop experiment. What do you think? Created 12/16/2007.

15 December 2007

Misc Starring Jacob

Here are some random pictures I took with a new camera I got in order to take with me to Iraq. Taken on various days between 12/1 and 12/12/2007.

I have upgraded because I am tired of hunching over my laptop to do photos. Taken 12/14/2007.

03 December 2007

First Landing

Here are some pictures of a Virginia Beach state park. Taken 11/30/2007.