29 December 2006

Christmas: Misc

Taken 12/24/2006.

Christmas: Boys

Taken on Christmas Day

Christmas: Both

Taken on Christmas day.

Christmas: Girls

Taken on Christmas day.

26 December 2006

Cookies 2

More pictures of my sister's cookies. 12/23/2006

Cookies 1

My sister bakes the best cookies. 12/23/2006.

19 December 2006

My alma mater's arts center looks like a bunker complex. 11/24/2006

10 December 2006

DC at Night

Washington DC. Taken 12/9/2006.

Air and Space

These were taken at the Smithsonian Institution's Air and Space Museum, 12/9/2006.


Here are some pictures of the local cemetery. Taken 11/24/2006.