20 August 2009

Seattle Port Wildlife

Here is some flora and fauna of the dockside. Taken 7/4/2009.

Seattle Fishing Boats

Fishing Boats. Taken 7/4/2009.

19 August 2009

Seattle Park

More pictures from Seattle. Taken 7/4/2009.

12 August 2009

Seattle Woods, pt 2

More... Taken 7/3/2009.

Seattle Woods

Here are some pictures I took at the Seattle tree garden. Taken 7/3/2009.

11 August 2009

We went to a pirate festival...!!! Taken 8/8/2009.

Still Lives

Here are some still life pictures I took, using lighting and a black backdrop. Taken 8/11/2009.

09 August 2009

More Seattle Flowers

Here are some wild wild-flowers from my trip to Seattle. Taken 7/2/2009.

Seattle Ferry

Here are some pictures I took on a day trip including the Seattle Ferry. Taken 7/2/2009.

04 August 2009

Red 2

More of my red experiments. Taken 7/2/2009 and 7/4/2009.

Red 1

I have been experimenting with foods that are the color red. Taken 7/2/2009.

Seattle Market

Here are some pictures of the famous public market in Seattle. Taken 7/2/2009.

01 August 2009

My Baby Nephew

Here are some pictures with my cute baby nephew. Taken 7/1/2009 and 7/2/2009.