26 September 2006

More Junk and Miscellany

Here is some garbage found on the trails. This is also the Marine Corps version of a "water buffalo" and a picture of a rope obstacle I couldn't fit thematically anywhere else. Taken today, 9/26/06.

Water and Mushrooms

Here are some water obstacles. No, candidates do not walk on the boards, they crawl through the mud and wade through the water. The mushrooms were nearby, sorry they don't fit thematically. Taken today, 9/26/06.

Webs of All Sorts

Here is some barbed wire (Crawl under it, not over it), some spiders webs, and rope bridges. Taken today, 9/26/06.


Here are some miscelaneous images from around OCS. They include the tarzan course, some junk (of course), the land nav "boxes" which you have to find--easy in the day or with moonlight, very hard without. I'm also trying larger images; with my camera I can take over 150 3456x2402 images, much bigger than you (or I) need, but you might want bigger than 600x400. These were taken today, 9/26/06.

UPDATE: So the images are 600x400... deal with it.


Here are some neat textures that I found around the trails. These were all taken today, 9/26/06.


Today I walked around the OCS trails and took many pictures. Some of them show areas that we trained in, others just interesting details along the way. Here are a number of signs. I can guarentee you that I ran faster than 5 mph on those trails (I think my five mile time was about 40 minutes-- and I failed). These were taken today 9/26/06.

24 September 2006

Branch Hall

Here are a couple from outside Branch Hall. These were taken today, 9/24/06.

Three From Outside HMX

This building is an old hangar that HMX still uses for something, but not aircraft any more. It also houses the OCS gym. These were taken today, 9/24/06.


Its really just one helicopter, and not even a whole one. These were taken today, 9/24/06.


Here is junk that was lying around outside the Gym/HMX supply depot. These were taken today, 9/24/06.