23 September 2006


Orientation: Today is the 23rd of September 2006, I have decided to make a blog.

Situation: Up until now I have not owned a camera and not had the means to easily share the pictures I might take with my friends nad family. Today I bought a Canon Digital Rebel SLR camera and took a number of pictures.

Mission: To provide a simple means to share photos with my friends and family.

Execution: Then I have time or pictures to share, I will upload them onto this blog. I may let people know from time to time if there is something that might be of interest to them.

Administration and Logistics: I will administer this blog.

Command and Signal: I will email people when this blog is updated.

The time is now 1906, are there any questions?

Here are my first two pictures to post. they are of my OCS graduation parade:

and my first salute:

I will update my many more pictures soon.

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