22 November 2006

Digital Camera Carnival

Welcome to my digital camera carnival. I am a Marine Corps officer and I like to use some of my free time taking pictures. I uses a Canon Digital Rebel XT EOS camera, which I have found to be incredibly versatile and an all around great investment. I am still learning how to use it, for instance, I just recently learned about the different ways to shoot in low light. The point of a camera, however, is not the camera itself and its various features, but the pictures you take with it. Without further ado, here are my most recent pictures. If you look around at the other pictures on my site, you can decide for yourself which my best are. I welcome any feedback in the comments. Feel free to download, keep copies of and share my photos, just don't claim them as your own. Oh, if you think I might be interested in some of your pictures please send me a link, just leave it in a comment. Please look at the archives, some of my better pictures were in September and October. These were taken 11/19/2006 and 11/20/2006.


Anonymous said...

Nice ones! I especially like the black and white of the trees and the bottom one of this set. Keep taking em, they will just get better!


Bill Waxman said...

Do you know yet where you will be assigned. That first assignment in the Corps is always something you will remember your entire life and I wish you the best of luck from a former Marine.

Friday Harbor, Washington

Anonymous said...

Dear ltlt,

I hope that you'll get a visitor to your website from Zurich soon.

From the land of sweet dolts